Whatever you say babe
Don't you know
I'm not afraid
Cause I know just where to go
I'm loving you babe
All the time
I know that love will find a place
For you and I

I know I should've called you first but I
Couldn't stop myself from driving to you just to see
Your smile makes me wanna be with you is that alright?
Boy I just can't help myself and that's the reason why


Well, were driving in my car the music playes
The way you make me feel is like I'm walking on air
I'll make you believe again that lovers do stay
And every now and then we fight without walking away

Oh babe, you just drive me crazy
Forget the world for a while it doesn't matter
Near or far, gotta have you in my arms
That is where I'll stay

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Whatever You Say Lyrics

Anouk – Whatever You Say Lyrics

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