Tomorrow is everything and today we best forget
We shine a light, to find our way and we lay our heads to rest
We're just waiting for the sun
From pillowtalk to pillowdream as we ramble on and on

My troubles are diluted, they're like poison in a sea
That don't mean the problem's solved, it just means they can't hurt me

Baby-love you're all I need
I've been loving you and happy too from the day we met
But it's hard to know your man when his mouth is shut
So I'm never sure just what goes on inside your head

Too bad I'm just not equipped to cope with modern strain
Why don't we live inside the woods and we shower in the rain
'Cause a nature boy I am
But nature boys, they are like toys in the hands of modern man

Baby-blue, you're all I need
And I want you near so many times, but you're not there
Sure you need your time to create
But every song just takes so long and it's getting late

Tomorrow, it don't mean a thing and today we best forget
Changing moods from day to day, as we live inside our head

We're just waiting for the sun
From pillowtalk to pillow dreams, as we ramble on and on
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Pillow Talk Lyrics

Anne Soldaat – Pillow Talk Lyrics

Songwriters: ANNE SOLDAAT

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