We were born to shake
Like a little quake
Like a feather, in the light
Like everything see through
Like everything see through
'Til it all comes out

Instructor: Now on the count of three
I want you to shake like an elephant
Are you ready? One two three go!

Now this time when I say three,
I want you to shake like a bird
High up in a tree.
One, two, three!

Now I want you to shake just your hands.
Ready, and:
Shake shake
Shake shake
Shake them into your arms,
Into your elbows, into your head,
Until your whole body is shaking.

And now I want you shake like
You're on a rocket ship, headed
Deep into outer space.
Past the moon, past the stars,
And deep into the center of the sun.
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Born To Shake Lyrics

Anna Oxygen – Born To Shake Lyrics

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