If the sun, goes behind a cloud
And you feel, its gonna rain
If the moon, ain't shinin' bright
And the stars, the stars won't shine for you tonight

If life gets hard to understand
Your love life, is out of hand
Just come to mama,
Come up to mama,

If you need, a satisfier
Let me be, let me be, let me be
Your pacifier

If you feel like your hearts breakin' into bits
Call my number 568-6969
I'll give you a fix

'Cause I got your favorite toy
Guaranteed to bring you joy
Just come to mama
Come up to mama

If your soul is on fire
Let me take you to my only hearts desire
Just come to mama
Come up to mama
Just come to mama
Come up to mama
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Come To Mama Lyrics

Ann Peebles – Come To Mama Lyrics

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