Watch the scene bend as my white face cut the skies like daggers
Face you towards the wall, you can't function but
You move a hobby
Reaching to the whore, step around the leash, to find the lobby
It seems you've locked the door
See an angel and you lose your body.
My god,
It's an angel.
It's an angel.
It's an angel
We had a date, at least I'm not a porn sleaze
Isabelle, Isabelle, can't you hear me I can't tell
They're in the room, like in the first job
Hold me dear, hold me dear, can't you feel they're touched you're in
They'd return to throne, let them serve in battle
Hands devoured!
Take them back their homes, let their minds go where
There flights can't take them!
Please you've got two birds, so I highly choose
In the basement!
Get out light the match, if there's angel shadows on the ceiling
My god,
It's an angel!
It's an angel!
It's an angel!
Don't have a room, each one's with a prior
Isabelle, Isabelle, we're not talking you're not well
Well likes it goes, it's just they can't hang there
Take them in, save them in, can't you see we're on to plan
On to plan
There've been sadder days...(sadder days)
Sadder days...the angels...(Meh, friggin' angels)...
Starting, to rotting, and knotting pretty angels...
They're starting, to rotting, and nodding pretty angels...
They're starting, to rotting, and nodding pretty angels...
They're starting, to rotting, and nodding pretty angels...
Pretty angels...
Grab the bitches throat
Then she'll see the light
To leave the shudder
Please shed up the dog, we don't want them chasing
We!? Fat chance
Break me off a piece, for there's an angel with
A hand that's open.
Like not angel to eat, said the lady to
The ground, he then ate him
Some Christ pie...
It's the angel!
It's your angel!
Your angel
How did they get cloned we've seen all your plant seeds
Isabelle, Isabelle, you're not with me when I plant
What about that pie, such is all that I know
It's a shame, it's a shame, it's just you're not on to the plan...on to the plan...
Some peoples eyes are too itsy bitsy I'm so sorry
French braids will crack a window and the wind might say
The birds are callin' for you please don't follow
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La Rapet Lyrics

Animal Collective – La Rapet Lyrics