Tending the garden of noise
When I grow the traffic
And the church bells
And the neighborhood boys
Singing to myself
As the solitude sets in
In tune with the symphony
Of south Brooklyn
I sing

Rockabye, rockabye baby
Rockabye, the baby that is me
Rockabye, rockabye baby
Rockabye till I'm fast asleep

The tunnel is train torn
The tracks are worn and sore
I can feel the rattle
Riding up through the floor
She jumped the turnstile
He paid for his ride
I am the echo in the station
Where their footfalls collide
I left her at the epicenter
We were trembling dutifully
I left him too
I left parts of me
Singing rockabye

I said today I am leaving
In every sense of the word
But I'm in love with your memory already
Everything I've seen and heard
And I will go singing
As the solitude sets in
In time with the rhythm
Of everywhere I have been
It sounds like rockabye
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Rockabye Lyrics

Ani Difranco – Rockabye Lyrics

Songwriters: ANI DIFRANCO

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