Angelo branduardi
"fables and fantasies"

Dust And Ashes

I am dust and ashes
My crown is worm and white bone
There's no man suckled milk
Though he run I will not call him
His chains will seem as feathers
When silently I lock mine
His iron gate but cobweb come his moment

I am dust and ashes
My jewels maggots crawling
There's no man woman loved
Will not surrender when I beckon
Sand is running my blade shining
Bend your heads why stay my welcome
The steps are worn my ferryman awaits you

Oh sir you do us honour
Attending on our humble dwelling
Lay down your glass and blade
And take a few turns with us
We beg you dance a few steps
A rondeau of remembrance
Forget a while the flesh you should have taken...
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Dust And Ashes Lyrics

Angelo Branduardi – Dust And Ashes Lyrics