Retread, lay down the row
That I've been told to fight,
For whom?

The child in me is dead,
Innocence is lost,
Ripped out of my heart,
By whom?

I've found my way;
So I thought and so I hardly tried
My whole life
Or could I have failed?
Oh, Lord watch over me
So I prayed each night
And believed to do the right
How could He fail?

Too dull, to open my eyes
Too blind, look, what's behind
Too vain, to confess my own lie

Pain, through which hell we have gone
Pain, into void we were thrown
Pain, we brought and we suffered
Pain, mankind went insane
Pain, there's no way to undo
Pain, 'cause I followed you too
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Oceans Of Tomorrow Lyrics

Angel Dust – Oceans Of Tomorrow Lyrics