He had roast beef for his last meal
His brothers went to market and to home
He was cut off from his family
Because he wanted to find freedom on his own
He saw his big chance for an escape
In helicopter rotating blades
And said goodbye to the pigsty
Quick as a guillotine he was gone

All his brother's jealous hearts were broken
'Cause something was afoot there in that shoe
But they all stuck together
'Cause there's nothing they could do

He went from right there in the middle
To smack dab in the center of attention
He was picked up, he was cradled
He was given his own freezer bag to live in
And for the first time in his long life
He felt the sunshine on every side
So he set sail like a hangnail
And waved back to the shore goodbye

His brothers always said it was so crowded
Well maybe now they'd finally have some space
But they were out of balance there without him in his place

So he came back from vacation
Out of family obligation
And rejoined with those four vandals
For the sake of wearing sandals

Now we can't say he did not try
He gave up all his chances to be free
But once you've felt that kind of sunshine
You can't go back to the way you used to be
So when I look down and remember
Something's missing in the middle
May it always be a symbol
One day that will be me
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Roast Beef Lyrics

Andy Gullahorn – Roast Beef Lyrics