This baseball glove was broken in when your old man was just a kid.
With backyard ball, fielding flies till they got lost in the night.
It's too small for my hand now.
I think it's time to hand it down.
This beat up bike with rusted chrome and baseball cards in the spokes.
Mickey Mantle clapped for me as your old man went down the street.
I'm too big to ride it now.

Just one more thing I'm handing down.
I'll give you all I have to make it through this world we live in.
Life is just a long line of passing down what we've been given.
Your great-grandma first became a young boy's mom in thirty-eight.
With my old man on her knee she began a legacy of giving love that don't run out.
I'm doing my best to hand it down.
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Hand It Down Lyrics

Andy Gullahorn – Hand It Down Lyrics