Searching to find an easy way out
People afraid to speak up, afraid to doubt
Afraid to open their eyes for fear they might find
What the problem's about...
Is us

As long as we keep running away
There is no hope, nothing will change
The problems at hand are the ones we must face
We've got nothing to lose
And a world to gain

Starving inside the hunger of one
Willing to help do, this, what must be done
We're wasting our time
Searching for ways to escape
There will be nowhere to run
From ourselves, now


Far too real, worse than a lie
You couldn't face, the truth inside

One heart lonely and small
To carry the weight of the world
If you and I could take it upon ourselves
To open our eyes to what it could be
We'd be free


A dangerous faith, it's silence that kills
It's eating at me, I'm haunted still
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A World To Gain Lyrics

Anacrusis – A World To Gain Lyrics