It is fading out of summertime
And I'm trying to find a different peace of mind
When it seems the world doesn't treat me right

And I am writing you a melody
Cuz our words have seemed so distant recently
I tried to tell you what's on my mind
But you didn't seem to have the time
To she'd some light
And keep me safe tonight

So carry on then, carry on
Carry on, then, carry on

And in the morning I'll wake up again
And the new sunlight will lead me to forget
Today, when the world didn't treat me right

But for now this night has got no end
Cuz I wait for you, I thought you were my friend
And you'd always lend a hand
But now I know exactly where you stand
Don't waste your time to keep me safe tonight

He'll come home to me
And he'll ask me how I've been
And I will not say anything to him
As if this were a game I could win

But I'm not disappointed or let down
Cuz it's time my senses finally came around
To know when the world doesn't treat you
You can't expect just one to greet you

And all these distances may never be explained
But I suppose I'll go on loving all the same
So don't think of me too much darling as you change

Just carry on then, carry on
Carry on then, carry on, oh carry on.
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Carry On Lyrics

Amy Regan – Carry On Lyrics

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