You form
Another test now
Fool's eyes are
Levelled and set on me

Can't they see the
Attendant to your nobility

Bow and withdraw without sound
Don't struggle or
You will fall

Can't you see
See the rain

In a world of dew
It will take you down

Shattering silence
The animals gaze
Evades as you try
Another perfect blow

Hit nothing but air
Dews on the trees
Can't you see
They are thicker than rain
Let it rain

The monkey's dance
Rotate in consent
With the rhythm of time
As your centre fades

You wanna see the essence of life
That makes you breathe what makes you thrive
It's what makes you shine

It's what makes you dance
(See the rain)
It's what makes you rise to your real height
(See the rain)
It's what makes you give into this fight
(See the rain)
It's what makes you shine
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Amity In Fame – Haiku Lyrics

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