Well, no one will see it, if you're gonna just sit here
"welcome to my life"
It stands in my diary
I know that you wanted
To say that I'm clever
But I'm not a loser
To waste our time in any way

Try to not to think such a clichŠ¹ it is
"there's beauty in the beast"
I ask you try to see:

Here I am, never seen as a man
You shouldn't be so keen
To explain why you don't want me

Here I am, silently in pain
I tell to me, I'm used to this
So why do I feel I'm missing something?

Well no one will see it, or are you gonna just sit there?
And welcome to CIA -
I spy on you every day
I know what you wanted
To tell 'bout my mother
But I'm not going to let you
To spoil with words, this summer day
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Welcome To Cia Lyrics

Amber Smith – Welcome To Cia Lyrics