He was off for that day.
I still had to go in.
I was so afraid he was going to have a party....
Got home there were 8 missed calls.
Didn't look like he picked up the phone at all.
My kid was not feed.
What was going on in his head?
The dog didn't go for a walk.
When I got home he talked and talked.
His pager was beeping.
But he was still sleeping.
The house was a mess.
My kid made it a wreck.
The lights were on.
Toys all over the lawn,
Writing on the wall,
Hanging off the chandelier,
Thought he was going to fall.
The baby was crying.
That man was lying.
The beds were not made.
Oh, I wish I stayed.

Can't trust them,
The man you love.
Can't trust them,
Not a gift from above.
Can't trust them,
All by there self,
You leave the house with your friends.
Got home you thought it was the end.
Can't trust them,
The one you thought was true.
Can't trust them,
The one you thought you knew.
Can't trust them,

You will not like the cost.
Without him you wouldn't be lost.
You see how men change the world.
To a sweet heart,
Then to an evil girl!!!

[Verse 2]

Let me see how you changed.
Give me proof.
Cause I don't know anything else I could do...

[Verse 2]

[Verse 2 (With vocal)]

No... Not alone.

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Can't Trust Them Lyrics

Amanda Henkelman – Can't Trust Them Lyrics

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