Yesterday, I spotted you
Hanging out with someone new
Come on, dude, I can't believe who

Did it hurt? Oh yes, it hurt
But not as much as I thought it would
Guess it's time for me to move on

I'm getting closer (closer, close)
Closer to closure (closer to closure)
Every day's closer (closer, close)
Closer to closure (closer to closure)

I finally took your pictures down
And all that other stuff I found
Hidden somewhere in my closet

I used to wear your shirt to bed
But now it's in the trash instead
I don't want to be reminded, no, no


I saw you today taking my breath away
But then you opened your mouth without thinking
And then I recalled why I ended it all
And it makes me feel good about leaving, leaving

Everyday, everyday, everyday
Everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday
I'm getting closer

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Closure Lyrics