Physic schism, schizophrenic glitch, soul now breached, hit the panic switch,
Imperious presence, perilous stranger, insidious danger is creeping in my chamber,
Thoughts are now enemies in cunning disguise, covert parasites telling me lies,
Malevolent spies, all wearing the guise of benevolent of truth, but what is the truth?
I can’t recognize, coz I’m blind to the signs, suppressed, oppressed, by my shadow side,
I’m under the curse of my own narrative, I’m playing the role of the self inflicted.

Stop stop, please,
Their is no need to speak anymore,
Just listen to me, one moment, just listen,
No words,
This is what freedom sounds like,
This is what freedom sounds like.
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Metamorphosis Lyrics

Allflaws – Metamorphosis Lyrics