So I drew a pair of aces
On my first hand
Everyone's compared to this
Will be just bland
I'm leading from the front too
Cos I got the big blind
No-one knows what cards I got
It's hard to find
So I mixed it up and when the cards
Decide to drop
I hit the lucky ace of spades
On the flop
So now I'm getting hot
Under my collar blue
I'm thinking should I check or raise
Or just call you
Two players left with
Hands that are much weaker than mine
I need to cross my eyeballs
To confuse their minds
I went into a trance so they can't
Read my thoughts
The pot is building up and
Now it ends in noughts
Someones raised me up
I'm thinking look at him
The best thing he has got is
Just a pair of kings
Probably I say I say it's time to
End this game
I'm moving all in lets
See if they do the same
One player takes the bait
And now the pot is full
Three aces in my hand is
Grand it's time to pull
And see the cards on which he pledged
His sorta life
Don't tell the barber, vicar
Or his lovely wife
So just as I reach out to go
And take the pot
He lays down a neat flush
Which is more than what I've got
Three aces wow you'd think that
That would hit the spot
Unfortunately not he says and
Takes the lots
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Aces Three Lyrics

alexthomasdavis – Aces Three Lyrics