People laying on the whitest sand
Oh, sun above us in a foreign land
Seems like you and me could wish forever

Oh, but the clouds rolled in and the sky got dark
Then it kinda seemed like the winter time
A cold wind was coming
Time to run now or never, boy

So come out of the soul, why don't you, babe?
Tell me that you love me, that your love won't change
'Cause the winds blowing now
Wanna turn into a hurricane

So come into my heart, why don't you, babe?
Show me what you got if you need me today
'Cause the winds coming now
Wanna blow into a hurricane

Ooh, wha, ooh
Ooh, wha, ooh
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Hurricane (Cascada Remix) Lyrics

Alex Megane – Hurricane (Cascada Remix) Lyrics