Fold up my thoughts, tuck the away,

Drink for the pain, drink it away

Turn the key that hides

The devil's tongue, the vicious side

The surgeons cut is fine,

These wounds may heal in time,

But still the edges fray

And when she's gone, I know she's safe!


The walls are caveing in,

To crush the state I'm in

So sook the noose with my lies and my shame!


Dissapear from sigt, to make all things right (...and my shame!)

We filled our days the same

We shared a sacred thrust, I cast it into flames

Revealed a fragile hide,

My selficious ways killed her inside!

So turn my picture down

In days I'll leave yhis town

And when I do, you'll stay

Cause when I'm gone, I know I'm safe!


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Confusion Lyrics

Aleem – Confusion Lyrics

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