En, deux - mnage a trois
Oh la la
Mais oui, Monsieur et Madame
Tonight we're gonna boogie pour vous
Ouh oui!
Would you like to come to our mnage a trois
There's room for one more body in our boudoir
Would you like to try a little un, deux, trois
Everyone will get a change to be a star
Hey there, s***, what you doing
You're looking kinda lonely over there
Me and my baby, we wanna party
And we'd love for you to join us if you dare
Twice is nice but three's is divine
What's her's, is your's, is ours, is mine
If you're in the middle, better hold on tight
Oh, come and get it
You wont regret I
We can promise satisfaction guaranteed
And we can keep it our little secret
Keep it between you and her and me
(Bridge and Chorus)
Would you dare to join us in our chambre s'pare
Come a little closer, oh yeah, very enchant
Rspondent, rspondent, rspondent s'il vous plait 2x
(Chorus 2x)
This is night to make it right
No one can know, we'll keep it our night
(repeat until fade)
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Menage A Trois Lyrics

Alcazar – Menage A Trois Lyrics