Every single touch
Every single smile
Every single word lasts for a little while
Every gust of wind rushing through the trees
Makes me wonder where you are

Walking down the street
Thinking to myself
How you left a mark
You're with no one else
You'll always be here even in my dreams
So I think you ought to know

That I've got a new reason to show
That I'm not afraid to be alone
I've got a new way to fly
I am not trying to hide
I am self-confident
I can make it on my own
Without you there by my side
I will not try and survive
I can do anything and can make it on my own
With a little love with a little trust
With a little hope you made it enough
I will bring the sun back into my life
So my wings begin to grow

I will not forget
I will not give up
I will make a crack if the window shut
Following my dream following my heart
I just think you oughta know


Why did you have to say goodbye

[Chorus] (2x)
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New Way To Fly Lyrics

Alana Grace – New Way To Fly Lyrics