Each precious day
I still feel the same
Though our lives may have changed
Memories of you burn in my heart again
Truth told in time
I was a fool and blind
Just a thorn in your side never satisfied, or there when you needed me

Then I started to live started to love you now the more that I give
The more that I learn from you

This heart of mine as cold as ice just melts away
Love wins in time just before the colour fades;

The perfect dream of make believe that you love me
And I'm falling at your feet

A man that cries, is a man of faith
That can be found in your face
And I will always know faith led me to you
These special things only you can bring
Each lesson learned is a voice that will sing a melody to my heart again

You're all I should be, you're all that I am
And now the more I believe
The more I can feel
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Falling At Your Feet Lyrics

Alan Frew – Falling At Your Feet Lyrics