Written by don cook & keith whitley

Out here is the country there's magic in the air.
Its the middle of december there's excitement eveywhere

Everyones invited, the celebrations planned
The gift is just what's in your heart and not what's in your hand

Whos the one we need to thanks
Whos the party for
Whos the one responsible for all this peace and joy
Who deserves the credit for the blessings we enjoy
Preacher said last sunday it was joesph and marys boy

There were times we didn't think wed make it through the year
The bankers tried to take our farms but somehow were still here

I don't know how the crops survived the drought and then the rain
It must have been a miracle how else could you explain


The christ child born in bethlehem
He was joesph and marys boy
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Joesph & Mary’s Boy Lyrics