Must have been that something you told me
Whispered just the other day
Said that you'd be leaving tomorrow
But there's got to be some other way
To bring you closer
Can we look closer
Would you stay with me

Let me hold you
I can hold you longer
Let me feel you
'Til my heart is stronger
Let me love you
I can love you tenderly

I just can't believe that it's over
You looked at me and said goodbye
But deep inside my heart keeps on dreamin' baby
Cause there's still that look of love in your eye
When we were lovers
So close to each other
When our love was free


Love is patient
Love is a gift
Don't you know
All this time
I have been searchin
For a love land
Where we can live, together

Live forever
Live together
Live forever
Would you stay with me


[Chorus x3]
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Let Me Love You Lyrics

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Al Jarreau – Let Me Love You Lyrics

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