Who Would Have Ever Known, That You Would Do Something Like This? But I Guess You Did. This Is What I Gotta Say.

From The First Day I Saw Your Face, Girl I Knew You Was Trouble. (Trouble) You Had A? Type of Fire, Girl I'm Seeing Double.(Double) The Way You Looked Me In My Eyes, Got Me Going Crazy (Crazy) So Foolish That I Fell Into Your Trap & Now It's Killing Me & Then I Start To Think That Your Plan Was To...

Destroy My Heart, You Know What You Did, Girl. Destroy My Heart & I Will Never Forgive You Girl. You Played Me, Thought That You Was Slick Girl. It Was All A Lie. Destroy My Heart & I Will Never Forgive You Girl.

Now You Think It's Time To Ask For Forgiveness, Girl I Don't Want You No More. (Want You No More) You Were So Quick To Jeopardize Us With Him. You're Gone Girl Hit That Door.(Girl Hit That Door) Now You Calling Me At 5 In The Morning. Blowing Up My Phone, But Girl I'm Ignoring. It's A Little Late For Your Lame Excuses. Damn What A Shame. Girl You Was Ruthless. I Found Out Who You Creeping With Never Want You Back Cos You Make Me Sick. Now I Know What Was Happening. Can't Believe You Slept With My Best Friend.


I Loved You. You Hurt Me. I Loved You. You Hurt Me. Why Did You Have To

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Destroy My Heart Lyrics

Aj Hernz – Destroy My Heart Lyrics

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