We'll ride the chariot into town, it dies today when we throw down
We'll sing the melodies that you hate
Just turn your back when we don't scream

Any other time I would be laughing at this odd situation
But don't get me wrong please don't think that I do not care at all
In a town where anything could happen, there's an alternate story
Tell me it's my fault just tell me anything but nothing at all

Wake me under starlit skies
Follow me to where we'll hide
We'll leave tonight
In dreams of darkness I often saw what I thought
Were people's lives being taken in their homes
But I would never imagine taking a life
Because I belong

You hear the same thing every day
Open your mind and try a
What makes a melody turn your face?
Can you handle this one?


So I'm the catalyst for fear
The reason death hangs in the air
I did not know
If I could kill you then why'd you stay by my side?
Why forgive me when I could take your life?
But you believed I could change
And made it alright
That I belong

You forgave me when you knew I'd kill you
I'm sorry

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Missouri Loves Company Lyrics

After The Tragedy – Missouri Loves Company Lyrics