I put the effort in
I get nothing back
I don't mind it
It's all a matter of chance
I was way too nice and now I pay the price
I'm not really your friend
I just wanna hook up!

Someday when I'm older
I'll realize
That I was wrong
But right now
It feels like
I just want

You say it's really sad that I'm not around
But when I am back you could care less!
Whatever I don't care I knew it'd be this way

And if I were you, I'd do the same thing

It's all better now it's all over and done
I'm moving on now and things are different
I still kind of stare and wish that you were there
But I know in the end you'll just tell me that

I'm sorry you got hurt
But I won't take sides
This is how we spin
You know this really happens a lot!
And don't give in to all our promises
We lie, we lie, we lie 'cause we just want fun!
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Spin Lyrics

Aerodrone – Spin Lyrics