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I'm here (4: 16)

I took care of my personality, til the point when my soul was crying,
Putting my dreams aside just for awhile, only made me numb inside
Can someone pick me up and rescue me,
Like the way that my father did when I was young,
But he couldn't be there anymore, guess I'll do it on my own
I'm hereand I'm craving my tears, I don't feel so unsafe,
And I don't feel so cold, I'm not hiding again, behind my bedroom door,
I'm hereand I'm craving those years, when I just felt asleep on the floor,
When I had time to play, and didn't worry at all.

I picked up all the pieces and I threw away,
All the ones that were eating me up inside,
I don't need to collect dust anymore, Life is so much better now.
Not fulfilling my precious thought of youth,
Growing up I was dying just to fly away,
But I'm not afraid to dream anymore, that's the only thing that got mehere


I took care of my personality,
Just fulfilling the hunger of this world,
But the things I wanted as a child,
That's what makes me shine inside

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I'm Here Lyrics

Adriana – I'm Here Lyrics

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