(La Musica De Harry Fraud) Yeah, Burns (Yeah?)
Put a thousand on the grey dog (Which one, over there?)
I like that one (Alright)

Yo, the long trench wearer, money in my hand, I dare ya
To come and take this, find you in a basement naked
Plus it’s raining
She took a sniff, now she dancing like she Usher Raymond
See me swerving in the Lincoln with the Daytons
Sea colors are now late then, kinda resembles fried bacon
I shoot at your crew put the spoon inside the tiramasu
As I sat there looking cute in a suit
S**t I made it cool
To be yourself again without nobody helping em
What is that velvet?
Yes it is baby I’m a specialist
All these fuckin’ demons that infest the kid
This be that s**t that your grandfather’s invested in
Dad’s back, your new s**t I had that
My new b***h is half black, Beamer made the Hatchback
I’m having flashbacks of razors in the a** crack
Hundred thousand dollars all in one inside the trash bag
A bunch of fiends, I’m havin’ lunch in Queens
A lot of hundreds in my Dungarees
I’m at the garden sittin’ Indian style, that means I’m on the floor
My skin is shinin’ like it’s Armor All
I freak b*****s like a carnival
B***h I stay on the boat just like a barnacle
I don’t talk to no sons so bring your father through
And I was born in December, paint the Impala blue
B***h it’s getting cold, huh

She sniff blow, did the heel toe
Off the wheel of the de Ville, then I peel slow
For real though, I’m trying to get Shaquille dough
Huh, I’m just trying to get Shaquille dough

[Verse 2:]
Hang out the window of my sports car I’m listenin’ to Prince
B***h from Berlin is blowin’ me behind the tints
Doves cry, then I let my nut fly in a s***s eye
I still in the mirror lookin’ for one time
When we were younger used to play?
Now my hunger got me drivin’ European sharks
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Heel Toe Lyrics

Action Bronson – Heel Toe Lyrics