Forget about fiction, this is reality
I am convinced, they are my true friends
I care about them and their relations
Members of my family

Look out be careful, she's exploiting you
Sleeping with you just to get pregnant
Already tried your brothers but she failed

Meaningless, really creative
Who wrote the script, I'm only wondering
Maybe it's one of the cameramen
Filled with cliches and stereotypes

Always the same, twisted relationships
Mass producing

Someone's dreaming, fuzzy image, and that's the sign we know
Zooming in when it's dramatic
Still we watch when they're playing their games
Still we watch even though there're teasing our brains

In front of the tv you sit paralysed
Characters dying, but they rise again
Two hundred episodes were just a dream
Who really cares? you're obsessed
When she appears your hate is growing
"man-eating, power-crazy wrinkled bitch!"
Using her sons to get more money

Genius? maybe creative?
Its's cheap but we don't care 'cause' we're stuck inside
A world of imaginary friends where fiction melts in to reality

Always the same, family tragedies
Greedy women!
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Imaginary Friends Lyrics

A.c.t. – Imaginary Friends Lyrics