Nigga this is what that jungle do.
You been plotting nigga, wasnt you?
I shouldve never even fucked wit you.

Verse 1

Yeah I started in the back, had to skip the line tho
I'm a keep that shit a stack, til my fucking time go.
Niggas throw you in the shade cuz they wanna shine tho.
Shit was so deep, I had to say it wit my closed.
That's shit made me wanna treat a nigga like he jhon doe.
Now know me rhondo, now that nigga jhon doe. Hann


This is all I ever wanted nigga
Why would I let you take it from me nigga
I aint stupid, aint no dummy nigga,
A couple fingers, on a couple triggers.
Fuck wit you, why would I fuck wit you?
You been plotting, nigga wasnt you?
I shouldve been watching from the jump wit you
Fuck it, this is what that jungle do.

Verse 2

Started, what I started.
Anybody want a problem, this is my shit
Tell em if they want a problem, I'm from highbridge
Got a nigga wit a shotgun up in my whip
Making bitches go retarted
I woke up to menege, I'm just being honest
I get money, ima cop it
If a nigga static, let him have it
Have you ever seen a mini- semi automatic?
It go dumb like a drum, itll be blasting
When it comes to that fire, I'm a fucking dragon

Sorry I couldn't finish the song
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Jungle Lyrics

A- Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Jungle Lyrics

Songwriters: Artist Dubose, Daris Jaquon Meachem
Jungle lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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