Yeah nigga
The smoke of New York
Get up, come On

There's nowhere to run to when death becomes you
Some say your soul may burn in the flame...
So front if you want to, but niggaz who murk you
Come to your tombstone and piss in your grave
You a rider right, that ride tonight
Nigga you gon' ride or you gon' die tonight
Nigga cock the steal this is kill or be killed
Nigga shit is real in the field

Whats the procedures nigga, when you got a hammer in your mouth
When you laid down and cry, when you stand up and die
Like the man that I am, fireeee!
Yes Yes, give um the whole thang
I'm a legend in the town, nowww
Since your all gangstered up lets get the fuck down
Big Bill dancin' im reppin for Buck town
Nigga see me dummin' I'm comin clutchin the pound
Don't worry about my whereabouts
We air um out, clear um out, yes yes
The pressure's on now, you need to get your hammers up
Th-th-th thats what's up
You too tough nigga, you dun rap it up
Brownsville, cl-cl-cl clap it up!
Fif put in the call
We ready to brawl with everyone of you or, yes yes


You got these young niggaz hollerin murderer!
Copper chops on my block like, blaka blaka blaka
Niggaz dont give a fuck
I seen a nigga shoot my momz, right in front of my motherfuckin' face
See in the 'ville, ain't such a thing as a straight bullet
When your index finger on the trigger and you pull it
Slugs aint never outta season
All you gotta do is give a motherfucker one reason
Blood stains on the ceilin'
Same place he stood, thats what they leave um
Dont black it out, lets just squeezn off with your gun
'Cuz you gon' get your punk ass robbed with the young
You know the drill
I'ma give your ass three seconds to bounce and you better not chark
Fuck that. Three gunshots ah bitch! Rest in bits

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When Death Becomes You Lyrics

50 Cent – When Death Becomes You Lyrics

Songwriters: Dozier, Lamont Herbert / Holland, Edward, Jr. James / Holland, Brian / Fitts, Alex / Penttilla, Matt / Grinnage, Jamal Gerard / Jackson, Curtis James / Murray, Eric
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