I’m around the bullshit like a matador
I’m used to the bullshit, it don’t matter, boy
Corporate acquisitions, accumulations of wealth
Build with the gods and double knowledge of self
Entrepreneur visions, Moulin Rouge religion
That p***y make a weak n***a break down
So what you want, the cheese or the chicks?
You want the chicks but you want the cheese
A b***h gotta eat
I’m havin’ the epiphany you n****s ain’t s**t to me
Worse than the scum in the slum I’m from
I’m a southside n***a, yeah I’m ‘bout mine
You be that next n***a coroners come and outline
You ain’t made of what I’m made of
You a bum n***a with a bum b***h
Your shoes come from Vegas
Counterfeit, fraudulent fakers
What kind of rich n***a b***h look like that?

You all know when we pullin’ off the lot
Brake, hit the button, then we pullin’ down the top
Shine’s on stuntin’ and I’m pullin’ out a knot
Strapped with the glock, won’t pull it out a lot
But front, I’ll make it pop
Y’all don’t do it how we do
N****s ain’t on the s**t we on
Everything new
Spikes on the Louboutin's
We up, n***a!

[Verse 2:]
Eat p***y for dinner, bomb kush for breakfast
Deep-colored vs stones around my neck, b***h
Coupe a four-door, jeep a Convoy
Bulletproof front flash, shinin’, Armor All
It feels like a n***a dreamin’
Seat back, music bumpin’, n****s leanin’
Bulls eye, that’s what we came for
The bread, now a n***a run the game, boy
I should’ve sent the broad to report what’s in the yard
Aloof livin’, I came up so hard
No pain, no gain, it’s embedded in the brain
I’m in it for the grip, Moth*****k the fame


[Verse 3:]
‘Round the world tourin’, the city got borin’
Bury Mike with cash, no life insurance
Coupe foreign, top peeled like an orange
Need a ranch, got too many horses
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We Up Lyrics