We donÒ‘t like you Ò‘cause youÒ‘re black
We donÒ‘t like you Ò‘cause youÒ‘re white
Judging people by their color
Knowing that itÒ‘s wrong not right
Burning crosses on the lawns
Killing jews in nazi camps
Apartheid in South Africa
The government donÒ‘t give a damn
Niggers, crackers, jews and spics
Words the devil likes to use
Hate is gonna slit your throat
Hold your ground donÒ‘t be abused
The time is now to make a stand
Raise your fist donÒ‘t run and hide
Fight the devil take a stand
Black and white stand side by side

Racism - take a stand
Racism - hold your ground
Racism - keep the faith
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Racism Lyrics

24-7 Spyz – Racism Lyrics